City to hike parking ticket fines; end overnight towing for street cleaning

It is going to cost you more to park illegally in the city of Boston starting next month. Fines will be hiked by as much as $50 per ticket on July 2, according to the city’s Transportation department.

Vehicles parked in violation of the overnight street cleaning rules will no longer be towed under the revised system, but fines will go from $40 to $90 per ticket. Scofflaw vehicles will still be towed during daytime hours.

The parking violation fines to be increased include:

• Resident Parking, from $40 to $60
• Overnight Street Cleaning (Ticket But No Tow), from $40 to $90
• Loading Zone, from $55 to $90
• No Parking Zone A, from $55 to $90
• No Parking Zone B, from $25 to $55
• Double Parking Zone A, from $45 to $55
• Double Parking Zone B, from $30 to $55
• No Stopping or Standing, from $75 to $90
• Meter Fee Unpaid, from $25 to $40
• Over Meter Time Limit, from $25 to $40
• Over Posted Time Limit Zone A, from $25 to $40