Introducing Dorchester’s Little Miss Elisabeth and Young Miss Gabriella

From left: contest organizer Sonia Essaibi, Little Miss Dorchester 2018 Elisabeth Bogle, and Young Miss Dorchester 2018 Gabriella Monteiro.

For nine-year-old Elisabeth Bogle and 10-year-old Gabriella Monteiro, Dorchester Day will be a special occasion this year. As Little Miss Dorchester (ages 7-9) and Young Miss Dorchester (ages 10-12), respectively, these poised young ladies will play an important role representing their hometown neighborhood in the parade on Sunday.

The Reporter interviewed the girls about their key roles in the parade, which they will take from a vantage point toward the front of the marchers in a convertible sports car. It’s a privilege that Gabriella, in particular, is looking forward to.

She says she’s been practicing her wave, adding that “it feels really good because I get to ride in a convertible and learn about what it’s like to be a princess or a queen.”

A fourth grader at Quincy Catholic Academy, she hails from the Ashmont area, a place she says she’s proud to represent. “I like the community because people support each other, and people have pride in where they live,” she said.

Some of Gabriella’s favorite hobbies include STEM activities, building with LEGOs, taking hip-hop dance lessons, and training her dog. When she grows up, she wants to be an engineer.

If Young Miss Dorchester seems wise beyond her years, the same can be said for her co-tiara wearer, Elisabeth, a third grader at Franklin D. Roosevelt School in Hyde Park. She enjoys singing, dancing, and acting, and participates regularly in community activities at the Fields Corner Library and the Dot House Center. On her future, she’s a bit more hesitant than Gabriella.

“I’m still thinking about what I would like to be when I grow up,” she said. “But I would like to have a career in music and be someone that represents the rights of people.”

The Little Miss crown-holder added that she had a blast participating in the competition itself. “I loved that everyone received a prize, medal, and flowers for their participation,” she said. “The organizers made all the girls feel special and comfortable to be themselves and nobody was left out.”
In addition to riding in the parade, the Misses will also attend the Chief Marshal’s Dinner on Friday night at Florian Hall as well as participate in other traditional events throughout the weekend.

The contest itself is about girls having fun and building their confidence in public speaking. But just being a part of the Dorchester Day celebrations is something that Elisabeth says she has looked forward to for a long time. “Every year I have watched the parade with my mom, hoping to be a part of it one day. This year my dream has come true!”