New Cedar Grove Gardens property owner hopes to keep the floral business intact

Peter Lee is the new owner of 911 Adams St., the longtime home of the popular Cedar Grove Gardens.

Lee, a Dorchester resident who owns a hardwood floor business on Neponset Avenue, bought the property from longtime owner Richard O’Mara last month. A Reporter story two weeks ago detailed the sale to 911 Adams Street LLC, which Lee controls. The terms of the sale will allow the popular garden and gift shop to lease the property for up to six years, according to both parties.

In a brief interview this week, Lee told the Reporter that he hopes that Cedar Grove Gardens will stay in business on the site indefinitely.

“Whatever [Richard] wants— 5 years, 10 years,” Lee said. “I want to keep the store open. I love the business too. Right now I want him to stay in the business as long as he wants.”

Lee said that if O’Mara— who founded the business in 1979— decides to transition, someone else might decide to keep it open. Lee says he is open to that, as well.

“I want to keep renting to people to do a flower business there. I think it’s a great area for a flower store. I love the location.”

“If no one wants to do that,” Lee said he would consider other uses, including housing.