Bystander helps keep suicidal man from jumping off an overpass onto the Southeast Expressway, police say

The Boston Police Department reports a man was trying to jump from Boston Street where it crosses I-93 Wednesday night, only to be stopped by a bystander who managed to grab him by the sweatshirt through a chain-link fence and keep him there until officers arrived.

Around 11:25 p.m., police say, officers responded to 99 Boston St.:

"One officer immediately reached through the fence in an attempt to secure the victim while a second officer climbed over the fence. That officer was able to reach the male party and hold him in place until members of the Boston Fire Department arrived on scene at which time they cut through the fence and pulled both the victim and the officer to safety. The victim was then transported by Boston EMS to an area hospital for treatment and evaluation."

The incident was the second such of the day - that morning, another bystander managed to keep a man from throwing himself in front of a train on the Needham Line where it passes by the Arnold Arboretum in Roslindale.

Police add:

"While we would never ask anyone to put themselves in harm’s way or endanger themselves in any way whatsoever, we are grateful for the assistance provided during these two incidents when every second truly mattered. "



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