Fields Corner sisters offer ‘OFD’ eggs for good cause

Rothberg’s Fields Corner-bred chickens lay “OFD” (Overly Fresh Dorchester) eggs. 

A pair of Dorchester residents are “hatching change” by enlisting the help of their chickens to raise funds for a local social justice organization.

Sierra and Vienna Rothberg — sisters who live in Fields Corner— started a Facebook fundraiser last week through which they are delivering fresh “OFD” (Overly Fresh Dorchester) eggs to neighbors who make a donation to Families for Justice as Healing Inc., a Roxbury organization dedicated to breaking cycles of incarceration for women and girls.

By Monday, the fundraiser had already surpassed half of its $2,020 goal.

Sierra told the Reporter that they were inspired by Homestead Bakery co-owner Elisa Girard, who set up a similar fundraising model in April, baking and delivering fresh loaves of bread to support the cafe’s furloughed staff. But the sisters also drew upon experiences as kids when their family would bake muffins and popovers to raise money for USA for Africa.

“We’ve done stuff like this our whole lives,” said Rothberg. “Between the two of us, we always have extra eggs to give, and it seemed like the right thing to do.”

p7 egg inset REP 26029.jpg

Rothberg said they chose Families for Justice and Healing Inc. because it was a grassroots, locally based organization with an annual operating budget that is much smaller than that of larger, more well-known options. 

“We really liked their mission, and we think we have a chance to help them make a real impact,” she said. 

Rothberg’s chickens hatch about 2-6 eggs per day, meaning it will take them a week or two of laying to work through the 30 or so families already on the fundraiser’s waitlist.

Right now, the Rothbergs plan to keep the fundraiser going through July 1, so scramble to make a donation right away! Learn more about the “Chickens for Social Justice: Hatching Change” fundraiser here.

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