Letter to the Editor: An unfair take on Ashmont-Adams civic

To the Editor:

A recent editorial in the Dorchester Reporter stated that “the knee-jerk NIMBYism afoot at the Ashmont-Adams meeting” concerning a proposed cannabis retail store in Adams Village “carried shades of earlier iterations of opposition in and around Adams Village.” The writer was reaching back some 25 years to controversies in the 1990s that were instigated largely by residents outside the Ashmont-Adams neighborhood. Not only was the editorial’s accusation unfair and premature, it was offensive to residents of Ashmont Adams and its civic association, which hosted the meeting.

The Ashmont Adams Neighborhood Association takes pride in its 20-year history of presenting information on proposals of interest to our members. From street lights to major real estate developments to social events, we look at issues, large and small, that may have an impact on our quality of life.

This was an informational meeting. For most in attendance, it was the first they had heard of the proposal from CNA Stores Inc. to open a cannabis dispensary and many expressed dismay at that fact. As is often the case when people feel left out or overlooked, their voices were loud in asserting their opposition. We considered it only fair to let them express their views and there is no argument that the opponents dominated the dialogue before the sunset forced our meeting to adjourn. However, the views and opinions of those few should not be taken as the consensus of the entire neighborhood.

It is much too early in the process for most people to take a position on the proposal. The editorial implied that people with closed minds had closed the door. That is an insulting and premature conclusion. The thoughtful people of Ashmont Adams are open to new ideas and are weighing the proposal with care. Please give them credit for taking the time and interest to review such projects with consideration for all points of view. That is not NYMBYism.

Respectfully yours,

Ashmont Adams Neighborhood Association
Cindie Faddan, president
Maribeth Diener, vice president
Gail Ravgiala, secretary
Mary Kelly, treasurer