Garrison says she's running for at-large council

Althea Garrison

Althea Garrison has officially decided to try and re-claim her at-large seat on the Boston City Council after briefly pondering a mayoral run.

“I have a better shot at that then running for mayor,” she told the Reporter on Tuesday.

Garrison also noted that she has heard the Councillor Michel Flaherty may be considering a run for mayor, potentially freeing up another at-large seat.

Garrison has not filed any official paperwork as of Tuesday, but said that she is actively campaigning.

“I usually like to wait until the last minute,” she said.

“Boston politics is very interesting… just for the last couple of years,” said Garrison, who has been actively running for office in Boston for decades.

“I’ve seen change just in the last two years,” she said.

Garrison, who has at times run as a Republican, touted her support of the Boston Police Department and bemoaned the fact that, in her opinion, the council has swung too far left.

“I’m running to bring it a little more center,” she said.

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