Bob Scannell marks 35th year at BGCD

Children from the Boys and Girls Clubs of Dorchester’s early childhood program surprised Bob Scannell with an anniversary day visit to his office last week.
BGCD photo

Bob Scannell celebrated his 35th anniversary as the leader of the Boys & Girls Clubs of Dorchester on May 26.

Bob Scannell was hired out of college as executive director of the then called Colonel Daniel Marr Boys Club in May 1987.

“I am so fortunate to have spent the last 35 years alongside the most dedicated and caring individuals in the City who make the members and families we serve a top priority,” said Scannell. “We meet the needs of each individual and explore whatever resources we can to help support them. My greatest success is the success of others and knowing that we have and will be there for those who need us.” 

When Scannell arrived in Dorchester in 1987, there were seven full-time staff and one clubhouse on Deer Street. Under Bob’s tenure, the organization has expanded to three clubhouses in Dorchester, 70 full time adult staff and hundreds of teen and part-time staff. Bob has continued to lead the way with innovative plans for future expansion on Mount Vernon Street with a 75,000 square foot facility to serve even more children and families who need and deserve services provided.

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