Daily Table market set to open in Mattapan Station this summer

Celia Grant, speaking for the operators of the Daily Table non-profit grocery market, made news at the Greater Mattapan Neighborhood Council (GMNC) meeting last week: “This year we plan to open two new stores, one in Mattapan and one in Salem,” she said. “We will have the one in Mattapan coming first.”

Daily Table already operates a market in the Four Corners/Codman Square area of Dorchester and has another location in Roxbury’s Nubian Square.

The Daily Table in Mattapan will be located inside one of the storefronts in the new 100 percent affordable mixed-use development at Mattapan Station.

“We plan on opening around July 15,” Grant said. “The developer wants us to be open and operating when the first residents move into the new development.”

The Daily Table is a non-profit community grocery that offers affordable food, produce, and prepared foods. Their model derives about 65 percent of its revenues from sales and about 35 percent of revenues from donations. Recently, they were approved to do online orders for SNAP customers, and any of their online orders come with free delivery to residents living within two miles of the store.

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