Parishioners oppose St. Christopher sale, say archdiocese’s reasons are ‘fabricated’

To the Editor:
We are writing to let you know that St. Christopher’s Parish continues to serve numerous people of various ethnic backgrounds of nationality, particularly the local Spanish community, as well as many from other locations in and around our city.

Many of these people are the poor, the destitute, working class, and repentant sinners. This parish has administered the sacraments to countless individuals for more than 66 years now and serves well the numerous local Catholic residents, businesses, hotel, and schools situated very close by.

On June 18, there was a public announcement in the church bulletin by Fr. John Ronaghan that St. Christopher’s Church and its property will be offered for sale for the sole reason that it is in need of extensive repairs, thus avoiding drawing on the stable finances of the parish. This justification for selling the church and its property is almost entirely fabricated.

There are a small number of minor repairs and upkeeps that ought to be done, but they are definitely not extensive (or expensive) as stated. In fact, all the vital and most costly repairs have already been completed.

For example, not long ago the rectory roof was repaired and soon after, the roof of the church itself was restored, which was very costly. Secondly, all the church doors were replaced along with the installation of a brand-new state of the art oil heating system that was likewise extremely expensive to complete. Thirdly, the inside of the rectory was just entirely gutted out and remodeled, which, too, was very expensive.

Any recent statements or proclamations from the Archdiocese of Boston to the media that parishioners of St. Christopher’s have agreed to and/or approved the sale of the church and its property are outright lies and fraudulent. It is quite obvious that selling the church and its valuable property is an initiative of greed and will undoubtedly result in a disservice to this community, creating much more harm than good.

We hope and pray that St. Christopher Church will remain standing as it is – a parish for all souls of all ages – and will continue to have the image and the inscription of Christ.

Mr. and Mrs. William Davulis
Columbia Point

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