Two firearms stolen from Madison Park High School guest speaker’s vehicle

A recent guest speaker at Madison Park Vocational and Technical High School had two 9mm firearms stolen out of his personal car while it was parked on school property.

On the date of the incident, Friday, Nov. 18, the car was parked in the Madison Park garage, and both handguns were licensed to the guest speaker, according to a Boston Police report obtained by the Reporter. The police report shared with the Reporter redacted the name of the victim, who is from Taunton.

In an official communication to parents on Friday night, after 7:30 p.m., Sidney Brown, the head of Madison Park, confirmed that the car was broken into but did not mention anything about firearms being stolen – only “items.”

“An individual known to Madison Park Vocational High School, who was visiting Madison Park for a previously scheduled speaking engagement, reported that their car was broken into while parked on school grounds. He has reported to police that items were stolen, and this is now a Boston Police investigation,” read the communication.

Boston Public Schools (BPS) officials, asked for comment this week, said it was a police matter.

According to the police report, the guest speaker parked in the Madison Park garage around 9:30 a.m. When he came back from the school event at 2:30 p.m., he noticed things were out of place and the two firearms were gone. He reported to officers that the two firearms were registered to him, and they were a 9mm Canik handgun, and a 9mm Ruger handgun.

The Taunton man told police he kept the firearms in a locked bag in the back of the vehicle. When he returned, the bag was in the backseat and out of its usual place. When he looked closer, the guns were gone. The guns were the only thing stolen from the vehicle.

The report noted there were no visible signs of forced entry, and the guest speaker confirmed he did lock the vehicle before leaving it in the parking garage that morning. There were no cameras in the garage, the report stated.

BPD detectives and Taunton Police are following up on the matter.

That incident followed an assault that took place on the John D. O’Bryant and Madison Park campuses on Nov. 15.

According to a communication to the school community, two students from O’Bryant were involved in a physical altercation with an individual that was not authorized to be on school property. A student and a teacher were injured during that altercation, which happened in the morning hours.

That incident is still under investigation by BPS, the communication noted.


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