Reported gunshots prompt large police response near Codman Hill

Boston Police, some with guns drawn, searched properties on Alicia Road on Tuesday for a suspect in a "shots fired" incident reported nearby around 12:15 p.m. No injuries or arrests have been reported. Seth Daniel photo

Heavily armed Boston Police scoured backyards and garages during an intense search on Alicia Road on Tuesday afternoon after an unknown gunman reportedly fired several rounds near Dorchester Avenue and Gallivan Boulevard around 12:15. It was unclear later in the afternoon who or what the intended target of the gunfire was, but a Boston Fire truck was in “the direct vicinity,” the Fire Department said, although no members were injured.

It was also uncertain if any arrests had been made from the search, which closed off Alicia Road for about an hour. The nearby Henderson Inclusion Upper Campus on Croftland Avenue was under lockdown for some time before students were released at the regular time following coordination with Boston Police who were on scene.

Neighbor Patrick McCorry said he was watching a movie just after noon when gunshots rang out.

“We heard seven or eight loud bangs like a firework, but I knew it was gunshots because I was in the military and know the sound of gunshots,” he said. “It was bang, bang, bang, bang - like seven or eight. My first thought was to lock the door and then I was concerned about the school up on top of the hill. I have a kid at a school nearby. … Within three or four minutes, twenty cops came down the street.”

After the initial search following the incident, police cleared the scene around 1:15 p.m., allowing residents to access their homes once again. However, 20 minutes later, police vehicles swarmed the street again. With guns drawn and large rifles in tow, officers began an intense search of garages, sheds, trash barrels, and other possible hiding places.

An hour later, they cleared the scene again, with no information about an arrest.

Firefighters Union Local 718 issued a statement later in the afternoon.

"Our members assigned to Ladder 6 were in the direct vicinity of a shots fired incident in Dorchester,” read the statement in part. “We are relieved to confirm that none of our members or apparatus were struck by the gunfire and there were no other injuries. Local 718 is grateful to our public safety partners at the Boston Police and Massachusetts State Police who quickly responded to the scene and ensured the safety of our members and the public.”


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