Biden, Trump win in Boston, statewide

Boston voters went to the polls on Tuesday to complete balloting for the presidential primary. President Joe Biden was, by far, the top vote getter, receiving 40,141 votes or 77 percent of the those cast by those who picked a Democratic ballot. The “no preference” option was the choice of 7,288 voters on the Democratic side, constituting roughly 14 percent. Dean Phillips received 4 percent and Marianne Williamson about 3 percent of the Democratic vote.

On the Republican side, a far smaller number of voters across the city chose former President Donald Trump as their nominee, with 9,428 votes— or 51.4 percent. Nikki Haley, who has since suspended her campaign, was competitive, winning 8,195 — roughly 45 percent of Republican votes in the city.

Trump was the clear choice in several Dorchester precincts that have a history of favoring more conservative candidates. At the double-precinct Florian Hall, Republican voters went with Trump over Haley, 209-63. At Adams Street Library, which includes two precincts in ward 16, it was Trump over Haley, 274-87. Biden was the overwhelming choice among those who pulled Democrat ballots in those same precincts. At Adams Street Library, for example, Biden won 396 votes and there were 89 “no preference” votes.

Statewide, Trump beat Haley by a wider margin— 60-37 percent, according to unofficial results. Haley was expected to suspend her campaign on Wednesday after she failed to win any of the “Super Tuesday” states.


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