Conversation with author Gerard Doherty

Monday, March 19, 2018 - 2:00pm

Author Gerard Doherty will talk about his new book, "They Were My Friends: Jack, Bob and Ted." He was the only person to have a seat at the table with each of the Kennedy brothers when political strategies and decisions were being made. His involvement started at a meeting with President Kennedy in the Oval Office to discuss Ted’s Senate candidacy, running Ted’s successful campaign in 1962, Bobby’s campaign in Indiana in 1968 and countless others. Throughout the Book, Doherty weaves in political facts and anecdotes experienced throughout his life that act as historical mile markers. Many of these anecdotes are appearing for the first time in print. What were the inspirations for Ted Kennedy’s lifelong fight for affordable health care? What was it like being on stage with Bobby Kennedy the night MLK was shot? How did Bobby convince his skeptical friends that it was time for him to enter the Presidential race? What did Ted make time for every afternoon during his first campaign for Senate? Doherty tells each story with the common touch that he is known for.
The book also recounts Gerry’s involvement with President’s Johnson and Carter. He represented President Carter at Pope John Paul I’s funeral in the Vatican and on a trade mission to the Soviet Union.
‘They Were My Friends’ should be mandatory reading for anybody who is interested in politics both at the state level and the national level and how the efforts of one man can help shape the course of political history.

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