Football gods frowned on our hubris

Didn't ya know the minute you heard about the victory parade plans for the New England Patriots that we were going to lose the Super Bowl?

The same way you knew in 2003 when you saw the Red Sox made Fenway Park ready for the World Series without winning the Pennant that the only ball we'd catch during the World Series would be if one hit us in the face in stands of Yankee Stadium.

We must have angered the football gods. The small "g" gods get mad when we mortals are hubristic. Hubris is a term the ancient Greeks gave us and "according to its modern usage, is exaggerated self pride, arrogance or self-confidence (overbearing pride), often resulting in fatal retribution." I love the Greeks. Anything about your behavior and the behavior of others in the last two weeks you may recognize there?

I'm sorry we lost but I'm so glad the madness is over.

One of the things I'll be happiest about is I won't have to watch Ed Harding of WCVB TV read the news with his sunglasses on. Oh my God, can someone get Natalie Jacobson and Paul LaCamera back?

It's total habit with me flipping on Newscenter Five. Quite honestly, I skip it most nights, but last Friday there were sucide bombers in Baghdad, and while my nephew Anthony breaths Iraqi air I try to keep as informed as possible about a war everyone seems to have forgotten. So I had the crazy thought Friday evening to put on the local news to get some information. What I watched was a very bad version of Entertainment Tonight with only one topic that took little breaks to tell us about the weather. Wow, 75 people killed with bombs put on the backs of unwitting women, but did ya know you too can get a Patriots diamond sequenced mirror for a mere $300? I wonder how much those mirrors are selling for today? When did reality TV hijack our local news?

Over the last several days I could not stop thinking about Moses when he climbed Mt. Sinai for the Ten Commandments. When Moses came back down to his people they had all gone mad worshiping false gods and "partying like it was 1999", and the God with the big "G" was not happy, and neither was Moses.

Haven't we behaved like the Israelites of old over the last fourteen days?

I took my mom grocery shopping Super Bowl Sunday and the frenzy of men and women looking for chicken wings (sold out) was worse than when the Doppler radar suggests there may be a storm coming up the east coast and if the barometric pressure remains the same we could get six inches of snow but if it goes up a degree we'll get showers, and if the low tropical pressure drops a half of a degree we could get sleet mixed in with snow and the seas may rise to create another storm that could be reminiscent of the 1991 No Name Storm (The Perfect Storm, got it in) that we never forecasted, or it may miss us all together. But in any event get out there and get those provisions! Whew!

The story of the 2007-2008 New England Patriots is the same story that has been told since Homer. The handsome warrior leads his soldiers to victory after victory and becomes adored by the people of the land. In the final battle the handsome warrior, his soldiers, and the people of the land are so sure of victoryÂ…well you know how it ends. You just lived it.