Thank you, Father John Unni

To the Editor:

Last week, the Archdiocese of Boston canceled St. Cecilia’s “All Are Welcome” Mass to celebrate Boston’s Gay Pride Month, saying it gave the “unintended impression’’ that St. Cecilia’s supported Gay Pride. The canceled Mass will be replaced by a sidewalk prayer service next Sunday.

Father John Unni, who has been at St. Cecilia’s parish for seven years, could easily have silently accepted the archdiocese’s decree; instead, he responded with an impassioned homily on Sunday that expressed a message of unconditional love and acceptance for all.

As a Catholic, I commend Father Unni. We should be supporting our brothers and sisters who choose to worship as they are.

“All Are Welcome” is not just about Gay Pride; it is about accepting everyone, regardless of race, socio-economic background, and sexual orientation into the Church. Acceptance of people who are different from us is a cornerstone of the Catholic faith.

I fully support Father Unni and his efforts to ensure that all people are welcome to worship in the Catholic Church.

– State Rep. Martin J. Walsh