Dorchester loses valued friend, ally

Bob CahillBob Cahill

Friends of a longtime Dorchester resident and activist are mourning the loss of a cherished friend this Thanksgiving. Bob Cahill, 49, was found dead in his home in Beverly on Monday morning, apparently from natural causes.

Bob hailed from a large family with roots in Dorchester and came to live here for more than two decades as a homeowner. He became deeply involved in local politics and civic life, including service as a member of the Ward 13 Democratic committee. He was also a founding member of DotOUT, the LGBT alliance that has become an important progressive voice in our community.

Bob served as chief of staff to my wife, state Sen. Linda Dorcena Forry, during her years as a state representative and remained a trusted confidant, advisor, and friend to her through the years. Before his death, he was continuing his dedicated public service, working as the chief of administration and finance for the state’s Department of Capital Assets Management.

Bob’s loss will be felt deeply across our neighborhood, where he was respected for his compassion and activism. God rest him.