Letter to the Editor: History museum a good fit for Uphams Corner

To the Editor:

Your article concerning the vacant Dorchester Trust Building in Uphams Corner was of great interest. As a life-long resident of the area I can easily visualize such a move from the historic brick multistory location farther down Columbia Road. The question of an interim use for the Trust building is a serious concern. I have long thought that what the area needs is something that would draw people to it and be a source of neighborhood pride. A Dorchester Historical Museum should be high on such a list of possibilities.

A museum would be a financial boon to the neighborhood as it would draw tourists and scholars alike. And it would dove-tail very well with the future library, connecting on many levels.

Of course, in an age where development for the sake of development seems like the new religion, there are those who would say how it is too this or too that (not cost effective, best use of space etc.). I say to such folks that there is no better use than to learn our history in order to create a better future.

In sum: Uphams Corner is a historic treasure and a Dorchester Historic Museum would be a perfect fit there.

Peter B. Ureneck, Barry Street