Letter to the Editor: IBEW leads way with Green New Deal support

To the Editor:

It is wonderful to hear that Dorchester’s own Local 103 of the IBEW is solidly behind the Green New Deal. (“IBEW chief on board for Dems’ ‘Green New Deal’,” 2/22)  The larger message of that federal proposal, co-authored by US Sen. Edward Markey and US Rep. Ocasio-Cortez, is consistent with two of the IBEW’s broader goals: to promote the creation of good jobs in the new green energy sector, and to support communities that have traditionally borne the brunt of pollution and economic dislocation.

Our local IBEW leadership sets an important example for other labor leaders as we transition into an economy that is not only sustainable in the face of climate change, but also fairer in offering opportunities and resources to all.

I urge the electrical workers to throw their support behind state Rep. Decker’s 100 percent Clean Energy for All bill (HD 3092), which would accelerate the conversion to clean energy while insisting on the social justice goals of this transformation. Together we can move Massachusetts forward in this legislative session. Congratulations to the IBEW for leading the way.

Brent Whelan, Allston