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The issue of police details on Boston construction sites brings out strong feelings. Some say the system is a waste of money; others feel the police are being unfairly targeted.

I held a hearing so we could have a clear presentation of the facts... Read more

(Editor's Note: Due to popular demand, we are pleased to reprint Mary Casey Forry's classic column about her schedule of activities around the house for Thanksgiving Day. This article first appeared in the Dorchester Reporter in November 1986.)... Read more

It is inevitable that there will be a changing of the guard relative to representation for people of color at the State House. With the defeat of Dianne Wilkerson in the primary and her recent indictment, the communities of color could lose their most... Read more

Full disclosure here: I am a Democrat, a Dorchester Democrat; which is a redundancy, really, since in my old Dorchester neighborhood a Republican was as rare as a Woolly Mammoth.

Before World War II, in much simpler times, Election Day in the... Read more

There's too many injustices in our world. So, I believe a journalist should write by the standard of "comforting the afflicted and afflicting the comfortable." Alan Lupo did this for many decades and Boston and Massachusetts are really a better place... Read more

I'm trying to get my math-anxious mind around what is happening with the financial crisis on Wall Street. Breaking it down to the lowest common denominator.

I can still hear Sr. Joan Patricia yelling at me from my third row first seat at St.... Read more

As the start of the new school year quickly approaches, there are many new and exciting developments in the Boston Public Schools that children and families will certainly notice by the time the first bell rings. I have had the distinct pleasure of... Read more

There were several rather odd things going on up at the William Devine Golf Course last Friday. I hate to be the one breaking news in this city, because after all I'm not really a journalist I'm just a story teller, but I think it's time to expose what... Read more

To the Editor:

I was disappointed to see that your article on the Bloomfield Geneva housing project was off the mark in several aspects.

The 'handful' of abutters opposing the project do not say... Read more

Before you continue reading, I need to ask you a favor. Would you please sit down? Particularly if you are, like myself, of a sensitive nature. I have something shocking to share with you. When I first read it in the newspapers last week, the enormity... Read more

I'm shopping a new screenplay. With all this tax credit give-away going on I figure why not write something and try and sell it to the Wahlbergs. I'd rather see them get the money than out-of-towners.

I haven't settled on a title yet but the... Read more

Okay, I was on my own little writer's strike. No one really noticed except my mother. But I am pleased to report we have come to terms and I'm back. It's hard to kill a bad thing, as they say in Ireland.

I missed you. I had no one to chat with... Read more

Codman Square's Farmers Market is an initiative of the Codman Square Health Council. Organized by FAMILY Inc., the Health Council is the first of its kind in Codman Square and is made up of community organizations concerned with improving the health of... Read more

All winter long, those of us serving the poor worried about heat. Would people have it? Would they be able to afford it? Would they have to choose between heat and other basic needs, such as food? The answer was "yes," they would have to choose.

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Getting pumped for Sunday's big parade? Not yet? It's OK, let the Reporter help you get in the mood to celebrate all things Dorchester. Here's a classic from our Dot Day archives: Mike Baker's ode to OFDs.


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