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Nothing is more important to a community than the quality of its schools.  The future of our schools and our children’s education are at stake in the contract being negotiated now between the Boston Public Schools (BPS) and the Boston Teachers Union (... Read more

Youth violence is a public health crisis in some of Boston’s most distressed neighborhoods. The odds of being a homicide victim are 39 times higher for young black makes as compared to young white males.

Boston Police records show that 45... Read more

The Catholic Church’s stance on contraceptive birth control is wrong and as a result is largely ignored by practicing Catholics.

There are two realistic methods to limit the size of families – now a matter of necessity not just for health... Read more

We have 240,000 people looking for work and nearly 120,000 open jobs today in Massachusetts. How can we have so much opportunity available and so many people still looking for a chance?  

Business leaders tell me over and over again that it is... Read more

To The Editor:

I attended and spoke at the MBTA hearing regarding service cuts and rate increases on Thursday night at the Dorchester House and was struck by the amount of frustration and anger in the room.

It seems to me that one of the... Read more

Kevin White reached the end of his tenure as mayor of Boston in 1984, and the last 28 years have done little to change the thumbnail biography. Widely hailed as a visionary who did so much to reshape and revitalize downtown Boston, he inspires... Read more

I park the truck near the World War II memorial and begin a routine walk along the causeway at Pleasure Bay in South Boston. The winter air is crisp and I zipper my coat against the chill wind coming off the harbor.

Doing the loops is an... Read more

Excerpts from U.S. Senator John Kerry’s remarks on the floor of the Senate on Jan. 31:

The mayor, the man

 In the shadows of Faneuil Hall, there is a statue today of Mayor White.  It stands 10 feet tall, larger... Read more

To the Editor:

Last month the Massachusetts Department of Transportation issued a request for proposals to develop Parcel 25, an open tract roughly bounded by Kneeland Street, Chinatown, the Leather District and Fort Point Channel. The RFP... Read more

That God is the uncaused cause has long been one of the principal arguments for a supernatural, all-powerful being. Some unexplainable, mysterious force must have begun the creative process, otherwise there would be nothing, or so the argument goes.... Read more

One New Year down, one to go.

One of the best things about living overseas has to be the holidays. As an ex-pat, I observe all of my native holidays, like the Fourth of July, Thanksgiving and Christmas. But in addition to these I get to enjoy... Read more

“Our goal is to create a beloved community and this will require a qualitative change in our souls as well as a quantitative change in our lives.”
The Rev. Dr. Martin Luther King Jr.

In the early part of the 20th century a... Read more

To the Editor:

This is small stuff compared to everything else going on in the the neighborhood. But, can you or can you not park across Dorchester Ave. in front of the Dollar store or in front of Rite Aid? Where do the MBTA bus stop signs... Read more

The late Mary Casey Forry wrote this column for publication on New Year’s Day 1987:

Dear Diary:

What an exhilarating day. So much fun doing things for the first time in the new year.

At 7:04 am, got out of bed for the... Read more

As we observe the 150th-anniversary year of the start of the Civil War, we are again facing disunion and testing whether a nation, once the noble beacon of representative government, can survive.

The present-day unraveling of our democratic... Read more