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Following are excerpts from UMass Boston Chancellor Keith Motley’s remarks at a student government assembly on campus last week.

Students are the center ‘of everything we do’

“I want to thank you, thank you for... Read more

From nothing to nothing; is it all a dream, swirling fantasies lacking substance? Are we just another species to come and go, links in a twisted chain of happenstance and chance? Does life matter or is it a bridge from nothing to nowhere? Are efforts... Read more

To the Editor:
We have sent the following letter to Mayor Walsh:

Our names are Calida Beliveau, Clare Ablett, and Eleanor Pelletier, and just like you, we are Originally From Dorchester and love growing up in our... Read more

To the Editor:

As the state budget season shifts into high gear, legislators on Beacon Hill are grappling with many competing priorities, including decisions on funding for initiatives that support young people. With the... Read more

To the editor: After 382 years and the collaborative effort and support of students, parents, civic and community leaders, public officials, educators and district administration, Boston Latin School recently named its first ever black... Read more


To the editor: The Friends of the Public Garden and Boston Common have been faithful stewards of these beautiful public green spaces for many years. The city owes them an enormous debt of gratitude for their dedication.... Read more

Faithful readers from back in the day when I started this column as an almost weekly endeavor (2006-2013) will recall that every February I would announce the infamous “Rorie Awards,” which were both a tribute to C-11’s stupidest criminals as well as a... Read more

Of late I have been attending the music Mass at St. Anthony’s Chapel. The Arch Street Band and singers join with the congregation in a festive and exuberant celebration of a ritual that has sustained Catholics for centuries. It underscores the... Read more

One of the world’s most livable cities, Boston is known for the iconic parks that make up its heart, providing welcome open space in our urban environment while contributing to the physical and mental well-being of our residents and acting as a tourist... Read more

Did you ever wonder what Donald Trump goes through every morning to maintain his hairdo? I have been doing some research and believe I am the first to report the early routine of our 45th president as he begins each day.

He awakens each day to... Read more

To the Editor:

The American Left is now facing the decision of what to do next, after movements such as Occupy in 2011, the Bernie Sanders campaign, and opposition to the Trump administration. The left’s strengths—diversity and... Read more

For the most part, Boston lawmakers have done a good job tackling issues in ways that balance concerns from stakeholders on all sides. So when legislation was introduced to put a $.05 tax on reusable plastic bags I was surprised because it didn’t seem... Read more