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To the Editor:

October is National Disability Employment Awareness Month and the perfect time to celebrate the AbilityOne Program, the largest single source of employment for people who are blind or have other significant disabilities in the... Read more

Over the weekend, readers of Boston’s metro dailies, the tabloid Herald and the broadsheet Globe, were treated to a glimpse of how things were back 60 years when seven or so dailies competed for attention and respect at the news stands.

On... Read more

What is right with our country? What is wrong with our country? What is your American Dream? How do we take our freedom back?

These are very American questions.  Each is also on a huge poster on a wall at the site of the Occupy Boston protest... Read more

Although not opposed to gambling, I am disappointed that Massachusetts will soon be joining the casino cavalcade. It is unfortunate we feel compelled to turn to gambling to increase revenue and generate jobs.

I am proud of the commonwealth’s... Read more

With Beacon Hill poised to pass the sweeping new casino law, another game of chance with a long history – bingo – appears on the decline.

Though bingo might seem as much a part of the Massachusetts social fabric as clambakes and sports bars, the... Read more

Last Wednesday, I sat and watched as the City Council went through one of those exercises in logic that have earned it a special place in our affections. Along the way, it denied Bostonians a chance to vote on a Washington maneuver that could devastate... Read more

On Sat., Sept. 10, the sanctuary and balcony at Old South Church downtown was packed for the memorial service for Kip Tiernan. Homeless women, dedicated volunteers at social service agencies, Mayor Menino, and longtime community leaders like Mel King... Read more

He gets along with very little – just the basics. At a time when the need for things seems to drive the rest of us, he is content with only what he really needs. He is the latest super-hero, “The Minimalist.”

No masks or capes or flashy cars. No... Read more

There are many seminal moments in our lives, times when there is a decisive shift that changes us in a significant way. Some of these moments are personal ones: a death or tragedy, meeting one’s spouse, the birth of one’s child. Others are times of... Read more

Hurricanes are sometime things for Boston and its neighborhoods and that surely is a good thing. But when “sometime” happens, the stormy wrath is a sight to behold.

Calamity Irene, our most recent visitor, mostly spared our region from the... Read more

To the Editor:
I want to applaud the recent articles and editorials in the Dorchester Reporter related to the completion of the Neponset River Trail, and especially your support for the Dorchester Coast Trail, which would link the Harborwalk to... Read more

The recent budget debate and the news that the rich were paying the lowest taxes in a couple of generations made me recall the phrase “malefactors of great wealth.” I was sure that the words were coined by Franklin D. Roosevelt against the Big... Read more

The country has slipped down the rabbit hole and the mad hatters are in charge. As if to confirm the fear of many Americans that the country is in decline, our leaders seem incapable of governing.

Has democracy run its course? Are we at a point... Read more

In this topsy-turvy world where up is down, wrong is right, and compromise is evil, is it any wonder that we question those institutions, secular and spiritual, that we for so long have depended upon?

Our government is a mess and the Catholic... Read more