Boston’s bid to secure the 2024 summer Olympic games won the US committee’s nod last Thursday— a significant victory for proponents of the idea, most notably Mayor Martin Walsh, who has become the most prominent public face of the effort. Walsh... Read more

Can’t you be both pro-police and anti-excessive force?

That very reasonable but fine line has begun to feel like a tightrope in the days since the execution-style murder of two New York City police officers on Dec. 20. The absolutist rhetoric... Read more

It has been tough to muster much Christmas cheer this season. It is a tense, stressful time. There is a theme of hopelessness radiating from the headlines — from the madness of Sunday’s murder of two police officers in Brooklyn to the murky, looming... Read more

Dorchester has lost a great old friend.

Stavros (Steve) Cosmopulos, a Dorchester Original and the founder and creator of the concept of O.F.D.,
 passed away last Friday at his son’s home in Seekonk. A resident of Norwell, He was 87 years old.... Read more

On Monday, the Martin W. Richard Charitable Foundation (Team MR8) named 59 runners to its roster for the Boston Athletic Association’s 2015 Boston Marathon. The Dorchester-based non-profit was formed by the parents of eight-year-old Martin Richard, who... Read more

The best way to prevent tomorrow’s crime is to solve the one that happened yesterday— or last week. Boston Police do a good job responding to the constant calls for service in a city of 600,000-plus people. But they need more tools to help them get... Read more

The Reporter recommends the following positions on the four questions that will appear on state ballots on Nov. 4.

Question 1—A move to eliminate the current indexing of the gas tax would hamper the capacity of the state and city to... Read more