We don’t yet know exactly what sparked the fire that ripped through the upper floors of the Treadmark building on Dorchester Avenue last week. A Boston Fire Department investigation aimed at determining the cause remains unresolved a week later.

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The balance of the Boston Globe’s estimable staff decamped for new quarters on State Street last week, leaving behind what is now an empty building at 135 Morrissey Blvd.

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A proposal by a group of state lawmakers that would impose a 28 percent tax on marijuana sales— instead of the intended 12 percent outlined in last year’s ballot question—is bad policy. Not only does the proposal subvert the will of the electorate,... Read more

Mary Franklin, who hoped to challenge Martin Walsh as a candidate for mayor of Boston this fall, did not make the ballot. Franklin, who announced her plans to run almost two years ago, failed to collect enough valid, certified signatures.

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An interesting thread played out on the Originally from Dorchester Facebook page over the last week after someone posted a map of Boston’s neighborhoods that included a sub-division of Dorchester... Read more

A debate over whether the city should name a Mattapan early learning center for Haitian revolutionary leader Toussaint Louverture (1743-1803) has been bubbling for the last few weeks. There have been strong arguments both for and against re-naming what... Read more

The racial taunts— and objects, including a bag of peanuts— that Orioles outfielder Adams Jones said were hurled at him on Monday night at Fenway Park have brought legitimate scrutiny to how the Boston Red Sox police and protect their fans and players... Read more

Boston Police sources say that last Thursday afternoon’s gunfire on Granite Avenue near Adams Corner— a 4 p.m. fusillade of bullets that left a young man dead — was the result of a road rage incident. In the immediate aftermath, officials delayed... Read more

This week, the city of Boston is mourning the death of a Dorchester boy who made a fortune and then devoted much of his life to an unvarnished form of generous philanthropy to both the city he loved and the grand old neighborhood where he was born and... Read more

This week’s latest assault on the senses emerges from— where else?— the nation’s capital, this time in the form of Attorney General Jeff “Beauregard” Sessions. The nation’s top law enforcement officer on Monday warned that the US Department of Justice... Read more