South Boston Facebook Primary

South Boston may be an place where old fashioned politicking is still a candidate's best strategy, but that doesn't mean that new-fangled campaigning - via social networking for instance - doesn't play a role. National media outlets like to refer to the "Twitter primary," but it looks like Facebook is the social media king when it comes to the 4th Suffolk race. Democrats Jacob Bombard, Nick Collins, Michael McGee and Mark McGonagle, along with Republican challenger Patrick Brennan, all have active Facebook pages, but that does not necessarily mean that they have as many people following their every tweet. McGonagle (@Markforrep), who has over 1,500 "likes" on Facebook, has a measly 15 followers on Twitter. Collins (@votenickcollins) isn't doing much better on Twitter, with almost 2,200 Facebook friends but only 41 Twitter followers. McGee (@MikeMcGee2010)and Brennan (@Brennanforrep)both keep their Facebook-to-Twitter ratios under a magnitude of five, showing something a little closer to social media balance. Are Southie politics underrepresented in the Twitterverse or are these candidates just not tweeting anything worthwhile? Someone call Ben Downing, he'll show them how it's done.