Baker proposes expansion of email alert system

District 3 candidate Frank Baker on Friday touted a platform that included a proposal to expand an electronic alert system about daily crime activity in the neighborhood.

Neighbors in Savin Hill and some parts of the St. Mark’s neighborhood voluntarily maintain an email list which regularly updates residents of crime activities in the C-11 Police District with information from the Boston Police Department.

“Working in conjunction with the Boston Police, civic groups and existing crime watches, my office will — in my first 30 days in office— introduce E-lert notifications to every corner of District 3,” Baker said in a statement. “If there’s been a housebreak the next street over, you want to know about it the next morning, not a week or two later at your next civic meeting.”

The campaign pointed to support for the proposal from Peter McNamara, a Savin Hill resident who runs one of the email alert lists, and Barry Mullen, who maintains his own email alert system in the St. Mark’s neighborhood.

According to the Baker campaign, Baker proposes designating a full-time staffer to coordinate and monitor the expansion of the email alerts to the entire district.

Mullen said in his own statement that the St. Mark’s email system “helped us develop new ways to let people know of trends in crimes— like house breaks and street robberies— before they mount into much bigger problems.”