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Seven months after Boston beat out three other US cities in its quest to host the Olympic Games, things ended abruptly on Monday–a frenzied morning press conference, a couple hours of waiting until, unceremoniously, a joint press release cut the cord and... Read more
Read the final edition of The Relay here.
Boston’s Olympic flame–or the aspiration to light it in the summer of 2024–was extinguished on Monday afternoon when the US Olympic Committee and Boston 2024 announced that they would be jointly ending Boston’s bid to host the Games. Members of the... Read more
Once billed as the most walkable Olympic Games, Boston 2024 is now pitching its proposal as the most underwritten. "The risk management program is designed to minimize the possibility of costs being incurred by taxpayers," Boston 2024 Partnership wrote in... Read more
Boston City Council President Bill Linehan on Wednesday blocked a move to immediately issue a subpoena to Boston 2024 after frustrated councilors called the group pushing to host the Olympics in Boston "arrogant" and asserted they've been "disrespected"... Read more
Add one more regulatory headache to the laundry list facing Boston 2024’s proposed Athletes Village in Columbia Point: Turns out that Kosciuszko Circle, the traffic rotary Boston 2024 wants to convert into a four-way signalized intersection, is on the... Read more
The group seeking to bring the Olympics to Boston wants the state to "give up" its air rights at the site of the proposed Olympic Stadium, according to Gov. Charlie Baker. Boston 2024, a non-profit seeking to make the city host to the Summer Games in nine... Read more
An automated phone poll of Massachusetts voters by a Florida firm found support for the complete elimination of the Pacheco law, which both branches of the Legislature suspended in part in the state budget delivered Wednesday to Gov. Charlie Baker.... Read more


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