As the City Council quietly juggled a hot potato tossed by a former colleague, lawmakers on Beacon Hill threw another overheated spud its way. The sudden resignation of Dorchester City Councillor Maureen Feeney set in motion widespread speculation that... Read more
BOSTON, AUG. 2, 2010……As expanded gambling legislation formally arrived on his desk Monday, Gov. Deval Patrick reversed course on his approval of a single racetrack slot facility and said he would immediately return the bill with an amendment to approve... Read more
Anticipating at least a debate around expanded gambling this fall, and perhaps operational casino or slot machine venues as early as next year, Attorney General Martha Coakley is pushing for expanded wiretapping authority and a new definition of money-... Read more
The resignation of House Speaker Salvatore DiMasi, an avowed opponent of casino gambling, was barely official last week before eyes on Beacon Hill turned to the renewed potential of bringing three casinos to the Bay State. DiMasi's successor, Rep. Robert... Read more
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