Police hunt for gunman in Arbutus St. killing

Boston Police are still seeking the public's help in finding the gunman who shot and killed an Arbutus Street woman outside her home last Thursday evening. Deanna Watkins, 29, was shot several times around 7:40 p.m., just outside her home at 3 Arbutus Street.

Commissioner Ed Davis said this week that detectives have some leads in the case, but still are hoping for more tips to come in from the community.

"Overall we have some good physical evidence and good descriptions of the suspects. Detectives are working diligently, but we could use more help from the community. We strongly recommend people use the Crimestoppers line (1(800)494-TIPS or text the word 'TIP' to 27463)."

In the minutes after Watkins' murder, a large crowd assembled near the scene and at one point began chasing two men thought to be involved in the shooting. More than 70 police officers were called in to help with the disturbance that unfolded. Two suspects arrested at the scene were determined to have nothing to do with Watkins's murder, Davis said.

"It is an unusual situation. It was a terrible tragedy for the neighborhood and tensions were high. I think people's first response to help is something we encourage but there's a fine line between assisting and overstepping what's appropriate. Preserving the crime scene is critical and when people act out it's detrimental to the investigation."