City says it'll finally plow road next to Winthrop School

Unplowed streetUnplowed DanubeState Rep. Tony Henriquez said this morning the city DPW told him it will be sending a plow over to Danube Street, which runs alongside the Winthrop School and which went unplowed yesterday.

Henriquez said the problem is that residents park on both sides of the narrrow street, making it hard to plow. He contacted the DPW after reading a complaint on the city's Citizen Connect system from a teacher at the school this morning:

"I came at 6:30 this morning and had to shovel out a spot for myself. Yesterday, the custodian said that Danube street was not plowed ALL DAY! Our jobs are difficult enough, having to spend 45 minutes shoveling so I can work is not fair, to the teachers or the students. Had we known that the roads would not be plowed, we would have come yesterday. It is also not safe or passable for the buses."