Public transit riders will see free access to the MBTA and the commuter rail for one day, while corporate and other passholders will see a 15 percent discount for one month, under a $5 million plan that state officials approved Wednesday. The plan, passed... Read more
UPDATED 4:30 p.m.: The city of Boston is in the throes of a historic bout of snow and it shows little sign of letting up, officials say. Mayor Martin Walsh encouraged residents to stay off the city streets for the rest of the day Monday and the entire... Read more
Record-breaking snowfall totals are stressing roofs across Massachusetts, hurting retailers and eating into time Gov. Charlie Baker expected would be spent on his first state budget proposal and other aspects of leading the state. "It's true for us, it's... Read more
UPDATE: The city of Boston has canceled classes for all Boston Public Schools for a second day in a row, the mayor's office said Monday evening. "We already have 12 inches of snow on the ground and up to six more inches coming, on top of the snow from... Read more
Unplowed DanubeState Rep. Tony Henriquez said this morning the city DPW told him it will be sending a plow over to Danube Street, which runs alongside the Winthrop School and which went unplowed yesterday. Henriquez said the problem is that residents park... Read more
J.J. Leslie walks around the neighborhood on 12/21/08.
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