Video shows dangers of Fields Corner intersection

In the wake of an ugly pedestrian-involved accident Wednesday in Fields Corner, a local business owner is calling for something to be done about unsafe driving at the busy intersection of Dorchester Avenue and Adams Street.

Vivian Girard, who co-owns the Homestead Bakery--located just adjacent to the intersection--said he came across the aftermath of the incident on his way back from a jog at around 11:30 a.m. on Wednesday. Later, when he checked the footage from his security camera, what he saw was disturbing: in the video, which he uploaded to YouTube later that day, a driver accelerates through a red light before plowing into an unsuspecting pedestrian in the crosswalk.

Girard said that, while shocking to see, the footage reflects a pattern of reckless driving in the intersection that he has noticed in recent months.

“If you sit there during the busy hours, you know, when you have a lot of cars and pedestrians, you’ll see a lot [of close calls],” he said.

Girard explained that due to the nature of the intersection, cars will often enter the intersection on a green light, but then be stopped behind a vehicle waiting to make a left turn. When the way is finally clear, cars will continue through the red light and through the pedestrian crosswalk. Girard says this is what appears to have happened in the video.

“[The driver] was still in the intersection when the light turned,” he explained. “I’m surprised it doesn’t happen more often.”

The victim’s condition is unknown, but Girard says he appeared alert when he saw him on a stretcher, being put in an ambulance to be taken to the hospital. The driver remained at the scene after the accident.

In the description of the video, Girard urged the need for increased enforcement at the intersection.

“As sadly demonstrated today, this intersection is unsafe at all times for pedestrians,” he wrote. “Structural improvement AND enforcement are badly needed here.”