Volunteers pick up brooms, brushes and spiff up historic Blake House site

Undergraduate summer interns at John Hancock painted the fence and spruced up the grounds at the historic Blake House on Columbia Road on June 14. Dorchester’s Des Rohan, who works for John Hancock, coordinated the day. Seth Daniel photos

Some 45 volunteer summer interns from John Hancock blanketed the historic Blake House on Columbia Road last Friday (June 14) to mark a day of service.

Columbia-Savin Hill resident Des Rohan, a Hancock employee, coordinated the event.

The interns painted the fence around the home, cleaned up debris and conducted and overall sprucing up of the property. Rohan, who is on the board of the Dorchester Historical Society, noted that the cleanup was a service project for the Society. One of the volunteers, Dorchester resident Dennis Wu, said it was a great feeling to put a day of service.

“It’s awesome because you don’t see a lot of opportunities to give back to the place you live in,” he said. “You’re giving back to the community. You can wake up in the morning and know you made a difference in Dorchester.”

Isabella Rios applied paint to the outside of the Blake House fence.

Dorchester’s Dennis Wu, foreground, helped paint the Blake House fence with Riley Shaw.

Event coordinator Des Rohan did some raking while the volunteers painted.

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