A veteran Dorchester activist will be honored for her work to protect public health this week.  The Massachusetts Public Health Association is presenting Davida Andelman with its 2008 Public Service Award at the organization's annual meeting tomorrow.  ... Read more
The 2008 presidential race has consumed the attention of the nation and true-blue Boston for nearly a year now, even though Barack Obama has dominated the polls locally. But the Reporter's temperamental seismograph is already picking up tremors from the... Read more
Patrons at the Breezeway Bar and Grille on Blue Hill Ave. react to the news of Barack Obama's election on Tuesday night. Photo by Pete Stidman His campaign went on for 21 months, the American people sat through over a year of primary and presidential... Read more
Boston politicians of an earlier generation - confident of their election day prowess and popular support - used to brag that City Hall workers would have to "weigh their votes" rather than just count 'em. On Tuesday, a new generation of Boston voters... Read more
A Dorchester crossing guard who was run down on a Meetinghouse Hill street died last week. Marie Conley, 58, was hit by a car on the morning of Oct. 21 at the intersection of Parish and Winter streets, just steps from the Mather School. Mrs. Conley, a... Read more
At dinner tables, on the street and in church in Dorchester, discussions of state Sen. Dianne Wilkerson and what it means for black politics are running apace with those about the first African-American president this country has ever seen. The elation... Read more
On September 22, less than a week after State Senator Dianne Wilkerson had lost the Democratic primary by 213 votes, dozens of supporters turned out for her at the Prince Hall Grand Lodge in Grove Hall. They came, not to bury the senator, but to praise... Read more
Bicycling groups aren't yet endorsing candidates for public office, holding back-room meetings at City Hall or clogging the roads with bicycles, but for the first time in decades, the neighborhood-based bike group seems to be back. DotBike, a small group... Read more
City Council president Maureen Feeney defended her reputation - and lashed out at the alleged corruption of Senator Dianne Wilkerson - in an interview with the Reporter this week. Feeney was among the several elected and appointed officials from the city... Read more
To help cut costs in a worsening economy, Lena Park Community Development Corporation (CDC) told parents last week that it will eliminate its popular daycare and after school programs at its building on American Legion Highway. Asked if the rest of the... Read more
Supporters of some Boston Public Schools that may be closed received a reprieve last week as the superintendent backed down from a number of facets in her "Pathways to Excellence" plan to reorganize amidst passionate objections from parents, staff and... Read more
Attorney General Martha Coakley's office charged seven emissions inspection stations with conducting illegal clean scans of cars that should not have passed the test last week, including one from Dorchester. Coakley's office filed a complaint in Suffolk... Read more
The initial police response to the recent spike in Greater Neponset crime has satisfied neighbors for now, who lavished praise on the new bicycle unit patrolling the streets at a community meeting last Wednesday with Boston Police Commissioner Edward... Read more
E. Lorraine Baugh, CEO of the Lena Park CDC where she has worked for the past 11 years, was asked to resign from her post last week. She complied with the request. "I received no advance notice or warning nor did I have any inkling that such a move was... Read more
The following article about former Boston Police officer Walter Fahey was published in the Reporter in 1997. Walter passed away last week at age 76. In 1957, the year Walter Fahey became a cop, the Soviets launched Sputnik, Ted Williams hit a robust .388... Read more
As elected officials and voters were lining up on either side of a sticker-campaign showdown between state Sen. Dianne Wilkerson and Democratic nominee Sonia Chang-Diaz in the final days of the campaign, a game-changer exploded on Tuesday morning when the... Read more
While more Massachusetts residents are insured now, many still struggle to keep up with health care costs, according to two new reports released Thursday. A poll by The Boston Globe and the Blue Cross Blue Shield found that 97 percent of adults in... Read more
A new report looking at health trends in Massachusetts is warning that girls and young children are increasingly involved in violent behavior, and deaths from domestic violence have tripled since 2005. The Massachusetts Health Council report also finds... Read more
Every year around this time, the town of Salem, MA observes a rather macabre part of their local history as they mark the executions of 14 women and five men, all accused witches, that occurred there over several days in 1692. But decades before Salem... Read more
She would rather vote for Tina Fey than for Sarah Palin, said Erin O'Connell, a UMass-Boston student and first time voter. But she is excited to be able to cast her ballot in the "most historical" election in her lifetime. O'Connell is among many youth... Read more


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