A man wanted for a July Fourth shooting at Carson Beach that left a Dorchester teenager dead and two other men wounded remains at large this week. The suspect, Hoang "Henry" Tran, 26, is from Malden, but has deep roots in Dorchester, where he runs a busy... Read more
"You're part of a national movement," Alexander von Hoffman told his audience Monday night. "These small groups have transformed what people considered urban wastelands across the country. It's a tremendous accomplishment." Von Hoffman, a senior research... Read more
In an economy increasingly dependent on computer know-how, those without access to even basic equipment and instruction find themselves at a distinct disadvantage. Dorchester entrepreneurs understand this problem of expensive necessities and they're using... Read more
Charles Yancey is in trouble. That's the impression any sane person gets when they run into one Egobiduke Ezedi, Yancey's fresh-faced opponent in this year's District Four city council race. If you happened to pop into the Blarney Stone, Dorchester's... Read more
Having nearly completed its efforts to protect much of Boston's shoreline from sewage overflow and storm run-off, the Massachusetts Water Resources Authority (MWRA) is uncertain about how to undertake similar projects along Columbia Point and Carson Beach... Read more
It's no ivory tower where John Boylan does his work. In the famously snooty, detached, nose-in-the-air world of academia, Boylan is one who likes to get his hands dirty. For that, teacher, manager, community leader, and Fields Corner resident Boylan was... Read more
A group of local Boston firefighters will be wiping their brows before a hot flame on Saturday. And the only equipment they will need are a barbecue fork and plenty of charcoal to keep the flames roaring atop the old-fashioned outdoor grill. On Saturday... Read more
On the periphery of the main event were the usual fringe features. Tables of souvenirs: donkey ties, Clinton buttons, "Kiss Me, I'm a Democrat." There were special interest booths promoting platform accountability and individual pols. There were Lyndon... Read more
The winter of 2003 was one of the longest to hit Boston of late. This year's spring has featured some of the dreariest weather in recent memory. With the official start of summer approaching quickly, Boston Mayor Thomas Menino is hoping that the Boston... Read more
The traffic bottleneck at the Beades drawbridge on Morrissey Boulevard should be over by the end of the summer, a state official told the Pope's Hill Neighborhood Association last week. The reconstruction project, which started in the spring of 2001- was... Read more
With legislative, institutional, and community backing, the plans for a renovated Ashmont Station inch forward toward timetables and goals that are decreasingly vague. Not that things are running as smoothly as all involved hope that the buses and trains... Read more
Another Dorchester Catholic school will close its doors permanently at the end of the academic year next month, church officials announced this week. St. Ambrose Grammar School, which cut its four top grades last year in an effort to stay afloat, will be... Read more
"We're only as good as our last weekend," said Tom Keady, and that might have been optimistic. Keady, the associate vice president for governmental and community affairs at Boston College, as well as an operative for Senator John Kerry's campaign for... Read more
There are no words that suffice to describe the Dorchester Bantam B's effort in the State Tournament. While the effort ended in a loss, on a fluke goal in the semi-final game against Somerset, Watupa, and Swansea (SWS), the B's got to the penultimate game... Read more
The clock high above the FleetCenter ice reads 2:21 remaining in a 2-1 game on the first Monday in February. Over on the Boston University bench, Head Coach Jack Parker, playing with the lead in the semifinals of the 51st annual Beanpot Tournament, urges... Read more
Dutch Maid Bakery is celebrating its 25th anniversary this week. For many Dorchester residents, the bakery has gone unnoticed, tucked away in the Alsen Mapes Industrial Park in Fields Corner. However, many residents have probably bought a Dutch Maid... Read more
The plan calls for Maxine and Ginny to board the bus together and ride to New York City, stand outside the United Nations and tell the politicians inside that they don't want armies flying their flag to invade Iraq. Maxine is Maxine Wright, 9-years-old... Read more
It's not like he hasn't been here before. This building, with its cavernous and bomb shelter-like halls of power, is familiar to him. The issues are familiar to him, and so is advocating for them and the people they touch. And the game, he knows that, too... Read more
Boston has a "Nutcracker" for many a niche market - a Jewish "Nutcracker," a gay "Nutcracker" - all competing with the Boston Ballet version , the world's most popular production of the world's most popular ballet. This weekend the Strand presents the... Read more
Details of the looming reconstruction of Ashmont MBTA station are being worked out between members of the community, the MBTA, and development firm Trinity Financial, with an eye toward beginning construction in late 2003. The renovation of Ashmont is one... Read more


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