Mattapan massacre scene is next-door to non-fatal shooting in August

A shooting rampage at a home at 40 Woolson Street in Mattapan on Tuesday morning left four persons dead, including a toddler. A fifth victim is hospitalized and not expected to survive, according to Boston Police Commissioner Ed Davis.

Elected officials, clergy and Boston Police met with outraged residents during a community meeting on Tuesday evening at Morningstar Baptist Church to discuss the murders. Universal Hub has video from the event, including remarks from Gov. Deval Patrick.

The last shooting on Woolson Street, according to police records obtained by the Reporter, occurred a month ago at 42 Woolson St., right next door to Tuesday's shooting scene. It is not yet clear whether the Aug. 28 shooting, reported as an assault and batter with a dangerous weapon- gun at 42 Woolson Street, is related to last night's homicides.

The victim in the Aug. 28 incident survived and his identity has not been released. He was found by police just after 7 a.m. in the first-floor hallway of 42 Woolson. He had been shot in the upper torso and arms. Police searched the address but did not seize anything at the time, according to a police report.

Davis spoke at a press conference on Tuesday morning alongside Boston Mayor Tom Menino and Suffolk County DA Dan Conley. Davis confirmed that at least some of the victims were shot inside the home and then moved outside onto Woolson Street where police found the bodies just after 1 a.m. Three people — 2 adult men and an adult female— were dead at the scene. A toddler — whose age has not yet been confirmed— was pronounced dead at a local hospital. A fifth victim was shot in the head and is near death.

“We’re not ready, at this very early stage, to ascribe a motive to these murders," said DA Conley. "In our experience, though, violence of this magnitude is not committed randomly. There is usually some connection between the victims and the killers. For this reason, we believe that there may be people out there with helpful information and, again, we urge them to come forward. The call is free and you may remain anonymous. In light of these horrible facts, silence is not a moral option.”

Commissioner Davis said that the police have no specific suspects yet, but that police are looking for a gray or silver Ford Explorer. He and Menino appealed to the public to assist in the investigation. Davis said that tips have come in already on an anonymous tip line.

"People need to come forward," said Menino. "Call police, call your neighbor."

WCVB-TV reported on the incident this morning.

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