McBride trains hard for ‘last chance’ opportunity to earn title fight bid

Heavyweight boxer Kevin McBride training for his April bout against Tomasz Adamek. Photo by Guillermo GarciaHeavyweight boxer Kevin McBride training for his April bout against Tomasz Adamek. Photo by Guillermo Garcia

You’ve likely seen him countless times on your way to grab a coffee at Greenhills Irish Bakery or breakfast at Gerard’s in Adams Corner.

He’s a giant of a man — aptly nicknamed “the Clones Colossus” — and though he’s a world-renowned pugilist who has competed on the world’s biggest stage — Kevin McBride likes to keep things simple.

Best known to the general public for his 2005 TKO victory over “Iron” Mike Tyson, the 37 year-old is back in training these days, gearing up for an April bout against Tomasz Adamek (43-1) of Poland. The winner may get a shot at Vitali Klitscho for the heavyweight belt.

“I’m looking forward to it, it’s a big fight,” McBride told the Reporter. “It’s probably my last chance to get in the door for my dream fight, a world title fight.”

“I have been training as hard as I was when I trained for Mike Tyson. I’m a bit heavier and a bit older but I have more experience,” McBride said. “I have an equalizer and that’s what I intend to do.”

The 6-foot-six, 280-pound McBride has a stellar career record of 35-8-1. He last fought in October during the Prizefighter Tournament in England where he won a split decision against Franklin Egobi in the quarterfinals. Unfortunately, he lost the same night by unanimous decision in the semis against Matt Skelton.

“I put him down, but I didn’t get the decision,” said McBride.

Since then, McBride has been back in Dorchester spending time with his wife Danielle, and their two children, Grainne and Caoimhin. He’s a family man, but he still hits the gym, and now, with his upcoming fight, he’s hitting it harder than ever. He is determined to keep his dream of winning championship belts for his children alive by winning in April.

He has been training with his fitness trainer, Radovan Serbula, to get into the best shape possible and with Goodie Petronelli, who is best known for training “Marvelous” Marvin Hagler. He is also scheduled to work out with the McLoughlin brothers, Eddie and Tony, in New York.

McBride clearly has a lot of respect for his opponent. He knows the success Adamek has had in multiple weight classes and that he beat Andrew Golota, who beat McBride.

But McBride says he is ready for the challenge. “I’m up for this fight, looking forward to it. It’s time to leave all the talking in the ring. This guy is in my way to get to my dream fight.

“The main goal is to beat this guy and get an opportunity to fight Klitscho, because that’s what Adamek is supposed to do, beat me and [then] fight him,” McBride said. “Boxing is a beautiful sport because all it takes is one punch to change anyone’s chapter. I’m going to deliver that on him that night. You can run but you can’t hide from Kevin McBride.”

“You know this guy’s quick, they are going to say he’s too fast. But its 12 rounds and I’m going get contact eventually, and when I do, he’ll think the whole of Poland hit him.”

The McBride vs. Adamek fight takes place on April 9th in New Jersey’s Prudential Center. McBride has an abundance of supporters who will join him there. His mother, his sister Debbie, and his nephew are going to Newark along with close friends like Tommy White, who has been extremely important in Kevin’s life. His brother, who lives in New Jersey, will also be there cheering him on.

Kevin would not make any predictions, but he did say, “I don’t think it’s going the distance. I’m fit for 12 rounds, but hopefully I’ll be my own judge and it won’t go 12. I want to be victorious, I want to have my hand raised in the end, but if not, they are going to need a stretcher because I’m going to leave it all in the ring.”