Changing of the guard at B-3: After eight years, Boyle makes way for Hosein

Capt. Haseeb Hosein received his badge from Superintendent in Chief William Gross. Photo courtesy Boston Police Dept.

After eight years on the watch at District B-3, Capt. Joe Boyle was ready for a change of pace. The Dorchester-Mattapan precinct is now under the command of a newly minted captain, Haseeb Hosein, the third person of color appointed to a district command by BPD Commissioner William Evans.

Hosein, a 24-year veteran of the department and a Dorchester resident, was promoted to the rank of captain last week. “He’s a hard worker and a great community guy,” said Evans in an interview with the Reporter. “When I was moving to make him captain, diversity came into my mind. I don't know of anyone better to take over from Joe Boyle than Capt. Hosein.”

Evans emphasized that it was Boyle’s decision — not his— to take his leave from the Blue Hill Ave. stationhouse. “Capt. Boyle did an outstanding job. Shootings were down on B-3 this summer. But eight years was a long time and he was ready for a change. He’s at the police academy now.”

Evans said his advice to Capt. Hosein was to follow Boyle’s example as a leader. “I told him to work hard, gain the respect of your troops and continue to do what Capt. Boyle did. The community loved him and he was very much engaged in going to community meetings all the time. And, basically, I told him to focus on the violence. It's the biggest issue there. He has a good district and a great community— nothing is broken.”

Evans said that he does not anticipate making any other personnel changes in the near future. “Most captains are doing a great job citywide. Part one crime is down four percent and all the captains are really paying attention and working hard. Honestly, we spoke to a lot of captains and they are all very happy with where they are,” he said. “There’s really no reason to shake up the command staff.”

Over the summer, three of the four police districts that cover sections of Dorchester received an influx of new blood: Fifty-five new police officers were assigned to either B-3, B-2 or C-11. Some of those officers have been given assignments in other districts in the last month, but Evans told the Reporter that more help will soon be in the pipeline. “Mayor Walsh is putting on a new class of 45 recruits in December,” he said.