House approves Boston's petition to bypass special election

In preparation for what could be his imminent departure from City Hall, the House on Monday passed a petition to cancel a special mayoral election that would be required under city rules if Boston Mayor Marty Walsh resigns before March 5 to become U.S. secretary of labor.

Walsh is waiting for Senate confirmation of his nomination by President Joe Biden to lead the Labor Department, but if that were to come before March 5, it could trigger a special election before the regularly scheduled mayoral contest in November. The Boston City Council unanimously approved a home rule petition to call off the special election, but it must get passed by the Legislature and signed by Gov. Charlie Baker.

The petition, filed by Rep. Chynah Tyler, now moves to the Senate where it must also be approved before getting to Gov. Baker, who has said he will sign it. The Senate met briefly Monday before adjourning with plans to meet again on Thursday.

City Council President Kim Janey on Friday outlined her senior leadership team as she prepares to serve as acting mayor. Walsh's former chief of staff at City Hall, Dan Koh, is also preparing to start as chief of staff at the U.S. Department of Labor on Tuesday in anticipation of Walsh's confirmation.

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