2023 CPA process is open now, with Aug 31 as eligibility deadline

Community groups can apply now for the next round of Community Preservation Act (CPA) grants through the city of Boston, which plans to award almost $39 million for projects involving affordable housing, historic preservation, and open space or recreation. 

Eligibility forms — available at boston.gov/community-preservation —must be completed by Aug. 31. Eligible candidates will then be invited to submit a full application between Oct. 5 and Nov. 9. 

The last round of CPA awards put more than $27 million into 52 projects across the city—including restoration of the Great Hall in Codman Square, establishing a new community garden in Mattapan, repairing the roof of Roxbury’s 1873 Twelfth Baptist Church, and relighting the long-dormant “Walter Baker” sign in Lower Mills. 

In 2016, city residents voted for a one percent property tax-based surcharge for the CPA Fund. Since then, grants totaling more than $119 million have contributed to 37 affordable housing projects, 97 open space and recreation projects, and 108 historic preservation projects. 

The Community Preservation Committee (CPC) will be holding several virtual meet-and-greets this month to discuss eligibility requirements and the application process for interested residents and organizations.

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