Fluker Oakley: ‘Water park’ to stay at Ryan Playground

There is no truth to rumors that a popular spray deck water feature at Ryan Playground on River Street will be closed permanently, according to state Rep. Brandy Fluker Oakley.

“I’m going to kill the rumor,” she said during Monday’s Greater Mattapan Neighborhood Council (GMNC) meeting. “We’ve been inquiring about the wading pool since mid-July when this was brought to our attention and the DCR finally got back to us. It is not closing permanently. That rumor is not true, but it is true they are considering renovations to the water park, parking area and the playground itself.”

Fluker Oakley said the DCR has committed to a robust round of community meetings for any renovation proposals they come up with while saying for certain that the spray deck and wading pool are not closing permanently and that any renovation work will not be done in the summer during high-use times.

The DCR did not return several inquiries over the last month from the Reporter asking for clarity on the matter.

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