The Edward M. Kennedy Institute for the United States Senate opened on Columbia Point a year ago this week with a presidential visit and high hopes befitting a building that bears the name of one of the nation’s great political leaders of the 20th... Read more

The state’s Department of Conservation and Recreation is planning a public meeting on Mon.,March 28 to kick off what will likely be a year-long effort to design an eventual reconstruction of Morrissey Boulevard.

The meeting will take place at... Read more

State transportation officials have a difficult job balancing the needs of aging infrastructure with the fiscal realities of the state budget. But sometimes, decision-makers make things harder than they need to be.

Such is the case when it... Read more

A Boston Globe editorial this week advised the state’s unenrolled voters to pull a Republican ballot in the March 1... Read more

Companies that skip over or offer sub-par service to Dorchester and Mattapan have some explaining — and some soul-searching— to do.

A Reporter review of the... Read more

The tears that... Read more

It’s a week of mixed emotions at the Dorchester Reporter. We are saying a farewell of sorts to Barbara McDonough, who will “retire” from her day-to-day... Read more