The hour was growing late in St. Gregory’s auditorium and the 15-member cast of the musical “Godspell” was beginning to dissolve into sniffles and sobs, an unscripted group meltdown in front of a crowd of 300 relatives and classmates. The cast of 12, 13... Read more
A partnership launched today called the Neponset Neighbors Together Fund (NNTF) has established a COVID-19 fund to support residents of Milton, Mattapan, Hyde Park and Dorchester adversely impacted by the current health crisis. The effort is a... Read more
Editor's note: Dorchester Day is traditionally observed on the first Sunday in June. However, the 2020 Dorchester Day Parade was cancelled due to the COVID-19 health emergency. In the spirit of safely celebrating Dorchester Day this weekend, this week's... Read more
Congresswoman Ayanna Pressley threw her support behind Suffolk County District Attorney Rachael Rollins amid a heated public dispute with a Boston police union, condemning the association as "tearing down a Black woman in leadership and putting her life... Read more
When the Boston City Council on Wednesday voted in favor of a resolution to condemn police brutality and "the use of excessive and militarized force" at the federal level, it did so unanimously. The tally: 12-0. But there are 13 city councillors. And the... Read more
Juggling two emergencies that continue to challenge the nation and the city of Boston, Mayor Walsh warned on Thursday that the COVID-19 threat remains a hazard to the public health, despite a decreasing case load locally and amid of mass-gathering... Read more
Joseph E. Corcoran, a Dorchester native, devoted philanthropist and developer who transformed the Columbia Point peninsula, died on Wed., June 3 at age 84 of heart failure. According to his family, Mr. Corcoran died at his home surrounded by children and... Read more
This year we are marking the 150th anniversary of Dorchester’s annexation by the City of Boston. In ten years, we will be celebrating the 400th anniversary of Dorchester’s founding. The history of Dorchester goes back far beyond pedestrians trudging up... Read more
Alexis de Toqueville, the French observer of American culture, traveled through the United States in the 1830s noting characteristics that made America different from Europe. He published his seminal work, “Democracy in America,” in 1835. His... Read more
I was so pleased to be asked by Bill Forry to come out of retirement to write a column for the Dorchester Day edition of the Dorchester Reporter. I have one great change to my column writing process, though. Because I now have macular degeneration,... Read more
This is a love letter to my person, whom I found on a train platform in Dorchester when I was 16 years old. I lived on East Cottage Street in a large yellow three-decker that is hard to miss. My high school – the now-closed Elizabeth Seton Academy – was... Read more
The youthful members of the Boston City Singers (BCS) have kept busy during pandemic shutdown time looking for different new ways to fulfill the organization’s 2020 mission of “addressing loneliness through kindness.”   BCS was founded in Dorchester 25... Read more
I’ve never managed to get the hang of crowds. This is not an ideal thing for a reporter to struggle with. I’ve had to cover rallies, games, marches and parades, of varying intensity and size, from Boston to Worcester. The bigger the crowd, the more my... Read more
The Dorchester Reporter is pleased to be a media partner of a virtual town hall that will be held today— June 4, 6 p.m. WBUR senior news correspondent Kimberly Atkins moderates a special WBUR Town Hall on race, justice, police practices — and a nation in... Read more
About a month into law school, my property law classmates had a pretty clear sense of two of my priorities: I’m obsessed with three-decker houses and I’m the resident Dorchester booster. Two years ago, I sat in a crowded All Saints Parish church and... Read more
At the farther end of life, my 78th year, I’m regularly prompted to cast my mind back to the long ago. Most often, it’s a name or place cited in the local news that triggers remembrances of family, friends, and associations from my boyhood time in... Read more
The cancellation of next Sunday’s Dorchester Day parade brings with it a special disappointment for one of the community’s favorite leaders, 93-year-old Louis Pasquale, who had been named the chief marshal of this year’s march down the avenue. A fixture... Read more
“Growing up in Dorchester has to be like growing up no place else on earth. Although some of the old gang has moved to other cities and other states, no one ever really leaves. Because no matter how much time and distance we put between ourselves and... Read more
A decades-long tradition that accompanies the annual Dot Day celebrations on Auckland Street in Savin Hill will continue this year despite the cancellation of Sunday’s parade and most of the usual holiday activities that accompany it. During the week... Read more
City leaders discussed the idea of purchasing liquor licenses back from restaurateurs during a lengthy council hearing online last week. Councillor Lydia Edwards, who proposed the buyback plan, said it could help small businesses during and after the... Read more


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