Savin Hill

Savin Hill Hole: Formerly Bulldogs— soon to be filled by a new condo complex. Bill Forry photoThe clock is ticking down to midnight for the infamous Savin Hill “hole.” A building that once housed the Bulldogs bar room has been gone for decades now—... Read more
The Boston Police Department reports arresting three men on charges they held up the Pleasant View Market, Savin Hill Avenue and Pleasant Street at gunpoint on Wednesday evening. Two were wearing GPS ankle braclets from earlier gun arrests, the Suffolk... Read more
The Boston Police Department says a man has tried to get two women into his vehicle and chased a third over the past month near the Savin Hill T station. All of the incidents happened between 5:30 and 6 a.m., most recently on Friday, police say, adding... Read more
A notoriously blighted storefront on an otherwise bustling Savin Hill block has been seized by the city of Boston, the Reporter has learned. The long-vacant eyesore at the prominent intersection of Savin Hill Avenue and Sydney Street was secured this... Read more
Suspect under arrest on Pleasant Street
A man on his way to work around 10 p.m. on Monday was robbed by two men in white plastic masks after he had exited the Savin Hill station. Police stopped and arrested two suspects, one with a realistic-looking but non-functional starter's pistol, around... Read more
Dorchester residents gathered Wednesday night for a public safety meeting addressing a churn of low level crime and specifically prompted by an attack on night of Sept. 27, in which a woman on Harbor View Street was robbed and sexually assaulted at... Read more
Public safety and ongoing development took top billing at at Monday’s monthly Columbia-Savin Hill Civic Association meeting. The civic association, in coordination with City Councillor Frank Baker’s office and Boston Police, will hold a public safety... Read more
Last Camp?: A Native American encampment atop Savin Hill was depicted in this photo taken by James Stark in 1884. Stark was the president of the Dorchester Historical Society. The photograph was published in a 1907 Dorchester Day celebrations book... Read more
Joe Chaisson: Civic watchdog was an important voice for decades in Columbia-Savin Hill. A Savin Hill native whose name became synonymous with opposition to the proliferation of billboards across the neighborhood died on Aug. 26 after a lengthy fight... Read more
View from the Boston Globe's roof: Sale to potential buyer fell through in February. The Boston Globe’s property on Morrissey Boulevard is still for sale— but is not being aggressively marketed at the moment as the newspaper focuses first on relocating... Read more


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