Savin Hill

The City Council’s economic development committee will hold a hearing on Thursday, Dec. 12 on the designation of 24 Grampian Way as a landmark. The committee, chaired by District 2 Councillor Bill Linehan, will meet at 1 p.m. inside the council’s chambers... Read more
24 Grampian Way: Landmarks Commission voted unanimously to make it a city landmark on Tuesday. The Boston Landmarks Commission on Tuesday voted 9-0 to designate a controversial Savin Hill property as a city landmark. The commission agreed that the home,... Read more
24 Grampian Way : Landmark Commission should vote to keep Dorchester history intact. The Boston Landmarks Commission will make a decision next week on whether a house at 24 Grampian Way should be preserved as a city landmark. The property has become run-... Read more
The Boston Police Department reports an argument that turned physical ended with a woman stabbing her boyfriend in the stomach Sunday afternoon. Tina Thompson, 46, was arrested on a charge of assault with intent to murder after the stabbing, about 12:40 p... Read more
A house in Savin Hill is facing designation as a “problem property.” The home, located at 56 Sudan St. and a longtime source of complaints from neighbors, will be on the agenda of Mayor Thomas Menino’s “problem properties” task force when it meets this... Read more
A dilapidated stable atop Savin Hill was torn down on Monday morning after city officials and the property owners reached an agreement in court last week to allow the demolition to proceed. A second structure at 24 Grampian Way— a three-story home that... Read more
24 Grampian Way : Owners want permission to bulldoze the home and adjacent stable. The property is also under review to become a city landmark. The owner of a historic Savin Hill house that could be soon designated as an official city landmark is seeking... Read more
Boston's Race to City Hall 12 candidates, each determined to make it through the primary election on September 24, are what remain after 24 sought to win a nomination on the ballot to fill the seat of incumbent Mayor Thomas Menino. The diverse field of... Read more
City Councillor Frank Baker: In disclosure, asks that his previous testimony before city commission be "struck from the record."(Updated on Wed., Aug. 21)— District 3 Councillor Frank Baker this week said he would recuse himself from an ongoing debate... Read more
MBTA police are asking for the public's help in identifying two young men —shown in the video above— who allegedly robbed two women of their purses and cell phones in an incident on Tuesday night (Aug. 13) at Savin Hill MBTA station. "If you know the... Read more


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