Dot Park Antique Car Show, Family Fun Day is Sept. 7

The second annual Antique Car Show and Family Fun Day in Dorchester Park will take place on Sun., Sept. 7. The car show itself will be held on the Adams Street side of the park from 10 a.m.-2 p.m. Prizes will be given out to best in show, which will also feature a DJ and 50/50 raffle.  Read more

Four sought for robbery at new Dorchester Avenue jewelry shop

Four wanted for Dorchester jewelry robbery

The Boston Police Department reports it is looking for four people for the robbery of $20,000 worth of jewelry at Thai Binh Jewelry, which recently opened at 1283 Dorchester Ave.

According to police, one of the four walked into the shop around 3:30 p.m. on Aug. 11, looked around, declared he didn't want anything they had, then walked out.  Read more

Man charged in shooting outside Ashmont Station

A 22 year-old Dorchester man allegedly shot and wounded a man outside of Ashmont station on Wednesday evening as stunned commuters watched and ran. Balfour McLean was arrested near the scene of the 7:30 p.m. incident by members of the Boston Police Drug Control Unit who happened to be nearby and witnessed McLean running from the scene. McLean was arrested in front of a home on Alban Street, about two blocks from the shooting, which left a 24 year-old Randolph man suffering from a gunshot wound to his abdomen. He is expected to survive, according to the Suffolk County District Attorney’s office.  Read more

The making of ‘David’s Law’ – a story of love, grief, resolve

Cathy and Don Macrelli pose with a photo of their son David. Photo by Lauren Dezenski

After almost two decades of work and waiting, Don and Cathy Macrelli got their wish: as of two weeks ago, “David’s Law” was a reality and the Adams Village couple attained closure on a deeply personal matter of life and death.  Read more

Landlord set to sell his key properties in Adams Village

Arthur S. Murphy owns property on both sides of Adams Street, including the two-story commercial building at 526 Gallivan Blvd., shown on the right. Photo by Bill Forry

The owner of two key commercial buildings in Adams Corner intends to sell his high-profile properties, a move that is likely to trigger a new round of redevelopment in Dorchester’s gateway village.

Arthur S. Murphy controls the flagship two-story corner building at 526 Gallivan Blvd. that houses Windy City and China Sky restaurants and the Butcher Shop, along with other office space. Murphy also owns an assortment of storefront condo units along Adams Street. He told the Reporter last week that he is entertaining offers for his entire Adams Corner portfolio.  Read more

City asks community input on rehab of Savin Hill Park

It doesn’t take an expert to see that with its crumbling walkways, overgrown brush, graffiti, and litter, Savin Hill Park is in dire need of updating.

The Boston Parks Department recently secured nearly $250,000 to fix up passive areas of the park and the specific areas to be improved will be finalized at a meeting next month that will offer “the chance for the community to come together to see what can be feasible based on the community’s needs and wants,” said Ryan Woods, spokesperson for the Boston Parks Department.  Read more

Featured Stories

The bike builder of Bowdoin Street

Noah Hicks, 28, worked on a bike at his Bowdoin Street repair shop.Noah Hicks, 28, worked on a bike at his Bowdoin Street repair shop.

Noah Hicks, a lifelong resident of Blakeville Street, refers to himself as “The Bike Builder.”

Hicks, 28, grew up with four brothers and they often rode their bikes together around their Bowdoin-Geneva neighborhood. With a house full of boys, his parents encouraged their kids to be active. They too owned and rode bikes.

Hicks outgrew bicycling as he got older, but he returned to it in his early 20’s as it became an affordable alternative to public transportation or cars.

“My thing is I was pretty broke so I ended up just experimenting on how to save myself a few dollars and fix a bike I bought that was in God-awful shape. By doing that, I was able to safe myself a few dollars,” said Hicks.  Read more

Vietnamese eatery Anh Hong deserves ‘Best of Boston’ props

Anh HongAnh Hong

It’s common knowledge among Bostonian Vietnamese and increasingly Dorchester’s worst kept secret: one may not find better, more authentic Vietnamese food elsewhere than here in the Dot. Indeed Dorchester is home to one of the fastest growing Vietnamese enclaves in all of America. Thanks to an array of outstanding Vietnamese establishments, Dorchester is hands-down the Vietnamese food capital of Boston.

Amidst the culinary heavyweights in restaurant-dense Fields Corner neighborhood, Anh Hong still rises to the top with its beef-times-seven magic, the signature dish bo bay mon (seven-course beef). In fact, the original venture by Julie Thai scored a hat trick vote by Boston Magazine as Boston’s best Vietnamese restaurant from 2011 and to 2013. This year, the magazine also votes Anh Hong the Best Neighborhood Restaurant in Dorchester.  Read more

Ong Dia and Buddha-ful Dot Ave.

Ong Dia by James HobinOng Dia by James HobinHowever much we in Dorchester may strive to achieve spiritual bliss, we also must struggle with the challenge of living in an urban environment, which can be frustrating at times. The way to contentment is learning to live in harmony with your environment.

But how is this to be accomplished when all too often a thing that is a vital necessity for one person is nothing more than an annoying inconvenience for another? Some people turn to religion to gain acceptance and to reconnect with their neighbor. Churches all over Dorchester are helping people to do this every day.

Some 20 years ago, a Buddhist temple was established on Park Street in Fields Corner. Built by Vietnamese Buddhists now living in Dorchester, the name of the temple is Luc Hoa, which means “six elements,” as in the “Six Elements of Happiness.”  Read more

Take a virtual tour of the Fields Corner Business Lab

Photographer Mike Ritter and Fields Corner Business Lab co-owner John Mauldin inside the business lab.

Now you can tour the state-of-the art Fields Corner Business Lab without ever having to leave your desk.  Read more

Johnny Depp, 'Black Mass' crew camp out on Ashmont Hill

'Whitey sighting': Actor Johnny Depp – dressed as mob boss James ‘Whitey’ Bulger – was photographed as he exited a Roslin Street home last week. Depp and other actors were filming scenes for the film “Black Mass.”'Whitey sighting': Actor Johnny Depp – dressed as mob boss James ‘Whitey’ Bulger – was photographed as he exited a Roslin Street home last week. Depp and other actors were filming scenes for the film “Black Mass.”

The Whitey Bulger biopic “Black Mass” ascended Ashmont Hill last week for a three-day encampment that turned two Roslin Street homes – and much of the surrounding neighborhood – into a South Boston side street circa 1970.

Among the stars spotted on the set last Thursday and Friday were Johnny Depp, who portrays the notorious gangster and FBI informant, and Benedict Cumberbatch, the British heartthrob who plays Whitey’s politician brother Bill.  Read more