District 3 candidates answer questions on local, citywide issues

Reporter Staff
Jul. 28, 2011

On July 1, the Dorchester Reporter sent a questionnaire to all seven candidates who will appear on the Sept. 27 ballot for District 3 Boston City Council. The survey asked the candidates for a range of biographical information and to explain their specific positions on Dorchester and citywide issues identified by Reporter editors.

This week, the Reporter presents the full responses to the questionnaires in PDF format as they were received from the candidates.* They appear below in alphabetical order:

Frank BakerFrank Baker

Doug BennettDoug Bennett

Stephanie EverettStephanie Everett

Craig GalvinCraig Galvin

John O'TooleJohn O'Toole

Marydith TuittMarydith Tuitt

*A seventh candidate, Marty Hogan, did not respond to the questionnaire.


Ask Boston City Council candidates, "If elected, will you release the full transcript of the public meetings of Boston City Council?" a) Budgeted for with public funds, b) searchable, c) easier to read through than watching video, d) more complete than minutes, e) more accessible for folks with hearing loss, the stenographic machine in the Council Chamber stores a computer file with the full transcript of the public meeting of the City Council for public feedback, comment, suggestions, questions and lets you know the words of your favorite Councilor.