For Mayor Katie Hurley, every day is Dot Day

Lisa Hagen, Special to the Reporter
Apr. 5, 2012

Katie Hurley: Katie Hurley has ‘wonderful memories.’Katie Hurley: Katie Hurley has ‘wonderful memories.’

Editor's Note: It was touch-and-go there for a while, but Katie Hurley has officially been declared the 'Mayor of Dorchester' 2012. Hurley ran unopposed, but waged a spirited and colorful campaign that has raised thousands of dollars for this year's Dot Day Parade— which starts on Sunday, June 3 at 1 p.m. on Dorchester Ave. In tribute to the new mayor, here is a recent feature on her candidacy that ran in the Reporter earlier this spring.

Dorchester Day is like Christmas Day for Katie Hurley.

It’s often the same day as her Nana’s birthday when her family and friends would celebrate. Growing up in St. Mark’s Parish, they would claim a front seat there bright and early and then the day would end at her Aunt Terry’s backyard party on nearby Samoset Street.

“The first spark of a grill brings back so many wonderful memories of this annual celebration of Dorchester history and community, no matter which parish you call home,” Hurley said.

Hurley is currently running for Mayor of Dorchester for the 108th Dorchester Day Parade, which will be celebrated on June 3. As winner, the Mayor receives a medallion, holds the honor for one year, and earns a spot at the front of the parade.

Now living in Cedar Grove, Hurley is currently Councillor Frank Baker’s Constituent and Community Service Director. She previously worked for State Representative Linda Dorcena Forry.

“My experiences in both positions—from attending community meetings to facilitating state and city constituent services—have furthered my love and dedication to my home of Dorchester,” she said. 
Hurley decided to run for the honorary post earlier this year. So far, she’s the only candidate for the annual contest, which serves as a major source of funds for the volunteer committee that stages the June parade.

So far, Hurley has raised thousands of dollars through a series of events, including a Valentine’s themed party at Florian Hall, a trivia night at Blasi’s Café, and a bowl-a-thon at Boston Bowl. She plans to host three or four more events before parade day.

“The best thing about these events thus far is that new people have shown up at each one,” she said. “Some live down the street from one another and never knew, so it’s really nice to see new friendships made within the Dot community. To me that is priceless.”      

Her upcoming events include a bigger trivia night, an adult spelling bee, a street hockey tournament, and spa day. Hurley’s latest campaign stunt is her most colorful to date: It involves a flock of pink flamingo lawn ornaments and a friendly note. Her campaign will “flamingo” someone’s lawn with the plastic birds and remove them in exchange for a donation to the parade. The person who gets “flamingoed” gets to choose the next lawn to get hit.

“Seeing people laugh and bringing the community together is extremely rewarding, especially knowing that it will benefit the parade,” said Hurley.

“I would love to see the parade have the crowds I remember from my childhood,” Hurley said. “Oh and seeing my brother, Dougie wear the same pair of Gazelles and Girbaud jeans he wore at the ’89 parade is super deluxe too!”

Contact Katie Hurley at if you would like to donate to the parade.