Council schedules hearing on snow removal efforts

Reporter Staff
Feb. 21, 2013

City councillors plan to review the city’s response to the two feet of snow that hit Boston earlier this month at a hearing on March 4. The northeaster and City Hall’s clean-up efforts prompted responses of praise and criticism, and councillors are expected to delve into the issue at a session of the City, Neighborhood and Veterans Services Committee.

“Twenty-four hours after the last snow fell, I found no less than a dozen streets that never saw a plow. I’m not pointing my fingers anywhere, but I do think it’s our responsibility to find out what happened and why we were not as successful as we try to be,” District 4 Councillor Charles Yancey said in a statement.

Others disagreed. “We always have some people who want it plowed before the snow even falls – and they tend to be the ones that you find haven’t touched their sidewalk,” Irene Norman, a Meetinghouse Hill resident, told the Reporter last week. “But I think they deserve a lot of kudos at Public Works and the other city departments.”

The city’s Department of Public Works deployed over 500 pieces of equipment during the course of the storm. Schools were closed for three days – Friday, Monday, and Tuesday – and city officials requested that people stay home.

Another couple of inches are expected this weekend, according to meteorologists.
Mayor Thomas Menino said on Tuesday that because some of the city’s side streets are narrow, it’s difficult for workers to get the snow removal equipment in place. “But overall I think we did a good job,” he said of the effort earlier this month.

The hearing is scheduled for 1 p.m. in the Iannella Chamber, according to Yancey’s office. The committee is chaired by East Boston Councillor Sal LaMattina, who was the director of operations for the city’s Transportation Department before he was elected to the council in 2006.