Forry: Each minute counts when chasing votes

On a sunny Tuesday, the door-knocking tour of Everett Street was one of several items on state Rep. Linda Dorcena Forry’s schedule that day. After a late night in the state House of Representatives, which passed a $500 million transportation financing bill, the 39-year-old mother of four was up at 6 a.m. to help with getting her children out of the house. Then she was off to a fundraiser at Victoria’s Diner. Next was the monthly meeting of the Black Ministerial Alliance. Then she headed to the Sweet Life in Lower Mills for soup and a sandwich, calling into a local radio show between bites before heading out to knock on doors.

The night before, the five-term lawmaker briefly left the marathon session at the State House to attend a “Women for Linda Dorcena Forry” fundraiser in South Boston. Put together by Lower Mills resident Joyce Linehan, the event raised more than $10,000, according to the campaign. Attendees included City Councillor At-Large Ayanna Pressley, former state Rep. Charlotte Golar Richie, and Suffolk District Attorney Daniel Conley, a mayoral candidate.

Endorsements from her colleagues in the Boston delegation have continued to roll in, including backing from state Rep. Michael Moran (D-Brighton) and Rep. Byron Rushing (D-South End). Dorcena Forry, who is married to Reporter editor Bill Forry, also has been endorsed by liberal-leaning unions like SEIU 1199.

“Job creation and equity in the job market will be my central focus, she wrote in a Reporter questionnaire. “A good paying job is an incredibly important thing for families in our state. My mother was an SEIU 1199 member and personal care attendant. Her job, and union, were vital to our family and that understanding steers my work in the Legislature.”

Less than 24 hours after the South Boston fundraiser, the 39-year-old Dorcena Forry sat in the passenger seat of Catherine O’Neill’s car as they drove through Clam Point, with Joachim McCarthy and voter lists in the backseat.

Her first stop on Everett Street: A single-family brick house. McCarthy, a 40-year-old who grew up in Dorchester and lives on nearby Blanche Street, filled her in. “Mrs. Joyce,” he said, as Dorcena Forry stepped through the gate, up the steps, and past a well-kept lawn. Eileen Joyce wasn’t a tough sell, and neither was her husband, apparently. “Good luck,” Mrs. Joyce told her. “You’ll get ours.”

The next stop proved a little more challenging. “I haven’t done my homework,” the voter admitted. The candidate launched into her 30-second spiel: Lower Mills resident. Born and raised in Dorchester. Co-chair of the Legislature’s Joint Committee on Community Development Small Business. “JackHarthasresignedandnowI’mrunningforthisseat,” she said, wrapping it up with a no-spaces sentence.

Voter and beseecher chatted amiably for a few more minutes before he retreated back inside, and she moved on to the next house.